Facebook Contest


Sponsor a contest on The Review Facebook page! We do all the work!
YOU: Provide us with a prize. That’s it!
WE: Create a fun question and explain the prize. We tag your Facebook page in our contest.
This contest will be pinned to the top of The Review’s Facebook page for three days. At the end of the contest, we select a random winner and make another post, tagging your business again and describing the prize again. This is GREAT VISIBILITY for your company.
Note: We follow Facebook rules.
We can’t ask people to tag their friends, like our page or yours, or share the contest.
It should be interesting enough that people will hop over to your Facebook page without prompting.
The aim of the contest is to get people’s attention, but it is not the time to pressure people into giving you something. We are projecting a positive and generous image for us, for you and your company. Let that idea be what drives people to your brand.